services overview

Individual Waxing Treatments for Women

Brazilian Bikini $52
Bikini Line $35
Inbetween $45
Full Legs & Toes $68
Upper Legs $55
Lower Legs & Knees $45
Abdomen $25
Back of Upper Legs $22
Inner Thigh $20
Lower Back $18
Buttocks $26
Back and Shoulder $68
Full Arm $40
Half Arm $30
Underarm $20
Lip $10
Chin $20
Eyebrows $26
Nose $13
Full face No Eyebrow $45
Full face & Eyebrow $60
Forehead $21
Face Suides $22
Feed & Toes $15
Fingers $10
Hands $15
Waxing Treatment Combinations for Women
Full Legs, Brazilian Bikini & Toes $100
Full Legs & Inbetween $90
Full Legs, Bikini & Toes $80
Upper Legs & Brazilian $82
Upper Legs & Bikini $65
Upper Legs & Inbetween $74
Lower Legs & Brazilian $74
Lower Legs & Bikini Line $50
Lower Legs & Inbetween $60
Waxing Treatment Combinations for Men
Brazilian Bikini $80
Full Legs $120
Upper Legs $85
Back and Shoulder $75
Chest & Stomach $85
Chest $50
Stomach $65
Ears & Nose $42
Nose $20
Ears $22
Lower back $55
Underarm $30
Full Arm $75
Half Arm $65
Eyebrows $28
Butt $52
Hands $21
15 minutes $37
30 minutes $57
45 minutes $75
1 Hour $95
Glycolic Facial ...............................$130

Glycolic facial, which also can be called Glycolic Acid Facial, is a type of skin care treatment where a form of alpha hydroxy acid is applied to the skin to remove dirt and oil, smooth lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. This is done using an acid that can be found in the common sugar cane. It is very effective and a good way to slow down the aging process.

Vitamin C Facial ..........................$130

The purist form of vitamin C, Assorbic Acid is biolocally tested to be bennificial for skin. High consentration of vitamin C is actually derived from plants that help human skins aging process. Vitamin C diminishes the effects of aging such as, age spots and vitamin C in its natural form is known to reverse the effects of aging, reduce wrinkle visability. Vitamin C plays a key roll in the incorporation of proline into collagen. It also is good in the prevention and treatment of acne, as a skin barrier to fight against free radicals caused by toxins, bacteria and pollution.

Facial for Men ...............................$120

(also back facial for men or women). Cleasing and exfoliation treatment followed by steaming a mild enzyme peel, extration (removal of blackheads and whiteheads), and a mask targeted to your skin type and condition. When in the steam you will have a neck and shoulder massage.